And when you finally disappear / We’ll just say you were never here


In 2011- 2012 we featured in the group show ‘Their Wonderlands’ curated by They Are Here at mac Birmingham. Our contribution was ‘Brown-Eyed Girl (2010 – 12)’, which saw us take turns standing behind a kitsch portrait painting with its eyes drilled through. This enabled us to watch attendees, while simultaneously staging the act of doing so. We kept a diary throughout the duration of our performance installation, which lasted over 2 months. Our new work takes this diary as a starting point.

Physically reconstructing parts of the original installation in conjunction with readings from the diary, we’ve presented ‘Brown-Eyed Girl‘ from the perspective of our gaze and experience. These diary readings have been recorded by our circle of friends, making a formerly private document public. We were particularly pleased to re-contextualise this work in the original institution it was shown in.

We would especially like to thank the contributors to the reading including:

Caleb Morrison, Christina Teligiannidou, Cody Lee Barbour, Cookie Rameder, Dan Whitehouse, Eloise Fornieles, Francesca D’Aria, Fran Walker, Gautier Quehen, Gushi Sohal, Hannah Sharpe, Harun Morrison, Helen Walker, Jon Houlding, Julie Brown, Kadie Salmon, Liz Howell, Magda Fabianczyk, Marialaura Ghidini, Mariusz Zalewski, Masee Hussain, Mike Gallagher, Nicole Schuchardt, Phoebe Webb, Sally Rose, Sandra Morrison, Suzie Walker & Zoe Lippett.

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